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Kingdom Callouts

Kingdom Callouts

Kingdom callouts are here!

Request a video from Vice President and Director of Athletics Terry Mohajir and all UCF Head Coaches for special occasions. Messages must be purchased 4 weeks in advance of when they are needed. Messages requested when the university is closed will begin their four week timeline when the university reopens for business. Videos can be a maximum of 60 seconds.

Due to NCAA Rules & Regulations, children must be in sixth grade or younger to receive a videoboard message. Individuals and teams grades 7 through 12 are of recruitable age and are ineligible to receive a personalized message from a coach.

The Kingdom Nil and UCF Athletics Reserves the right to edit or refuse to film any message. The message may not contain any form of commercialism, political commentary, explicit language etc. and must comply with NCAA, Big 12 Conference, and UCFAA rules, regulations, and policies.

*UCF Employees would not be eligible to purchase a video message, but their family members/friends who are not UCF Employees would be eligible.

Funds will be returned if the request for the video does not meet the above guidelines. There are no refunds once the video is sent. Videos will always be sent to the purchaser.

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