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The Kingdom NIL is The Official Collective of UCF Athletics.  We provide a way for the University of Central Florida fans, students, alumni, businesses, and brands to get in on the game by making sure UCF Knight athletes are competing not only athletically but financially in the era of name, image and likeness.  Following a mission to enrich, enhance, and empower the lives of UCF athletes, the collective will use innovative solutions to create an ecosystem connecting student-athletes to the promotion of The Kingdom NIL.

We adhere to all NIL laws and procedures. Student-Athletes who have signed with us can publicly make statements and discuss their association with The Kingdom NIL. 


What percentage of pledges go to the athletes?

Approximately 90% of all memberships and donations go to UCF Athletes. The other 10% is used for staffing/fees/overhead on events.

What does the gear consist of that Ambassador Level Members get?

We have shirts, polos, decals, keychains, and more. We are growing our gear inventory and look forward to providing our members with swag reflective of their commitment to The Kingdom and UCF Athletes!

Is the Kingdom a part of UCF Athletics?

In a sense, yes. We do not operate under the umbrella of UCFAA, we operate FOR UCFAA in a third party manner. We are the official collective and a corporate sponsor of UCFAA, so you may see the logos for example, but we do operate outside the actual athletic department.

Are the more benefits coming to being a kingdom member?

YES! We are just getting started, and we look forward to growing and offering new benefits and perks to our members.

Who can be a part of Kingdom NIL?

All membership levels are welcome, and we encourage not only individuals, but there are also opportunities for corporate partnerships. Contact SJ Tuohy (SJ@KingdomNIL.comfor more information for corporations.

I am looking at doing a larger donation and want to get more involved, is there an easier way to do that/what do I get out of it?

Yes, contact SJ Tuohy ( and we can guide you through that process.

Executive Director:

SJ Tuohy

Contact SJ

Director of Athlete Management

Simon Pflum

Contact Simon
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